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In anticipation of tonight PIVOTAL matchup between the Rangers and the Flyers I browsed the internet on various views of people leading into tonight's game..

For some reason I kept finding a RESOUNDING notion that the Flyers huge question mark now was ONCE again goaltending and were now at a deeper disadvantage having to rely on the services of Ray Emery....

Are you f**king serious?

How about we go back into the season. Remember that place? The um, home of the St.Louis Blues where they had only lost NINE times all season? Remember they had their Vezina caliber goalie in net with that hugely stacked team with the likes of Oshie, Backes, Steen, Schwartz, Morrow, Shattenkirk, Pietrangelo?

And who did the Flyers have in net? None other then Ray Emery. And what did he do? He went toe to toe 65 minutes and got blitzed late in the game and SHUTOUT the blues. Now I LOVE Steve Mason I plan on buying his jersey, but he has yet to pull a feat THAT good, but he's still awesome.

Oh! How about our last bout with the Blackhawks? Toews, Sharp, Kane, Keith, Hossa, Saad and others....he let in two goals, enough to give our team the "W".

Maybe Pittsburgh? Another 2 goals and another "W". During our season turn around in November vs Pitt....one goal, another "W".

In contrast to Mason, yes Steve has had some great games against elite teams, he's also had some dismal ones. (Yielded 7 goals to the ducks, 4 to SJS in one game)

but SOMEHOW Ray Emery is the question.

NO, he's not. I for one have just as much confidence in Ray Emery as I do Steve Mason and the Flyers and you fans should to. Ray has playoff experience on Mason and his 2.57 GAA in 35 games isn't half bad. Mason has played ONE playoff series sporting a 4.26 GAA, but that's the past and I believe Steve Mason can carry us, he's a different dude now and my personal favourite player.

But looking at the numbers, how can you even think of questioning Emery? No, we don't have Henrik Lunqvist, we have Mason and Emery.

The question is not whether Ray Emery can perform, the question is if this team can perform and not be so lackadaisical for minutes on end. The question is who wants it more? Ray wants it, he knows what it tastes like, Ray will come to play, will the team? I sure hope so, but questioning Razor is absolutely ridiculous, especially believing that Mason deserves no questioning.

Do me a favour Flyers fans at MSG tonight. Cheer loud and cheer proud for Ray. Show him that while some may not throw 100% behind him, we true fans do. We believe Ray can bring us to the promised land, even if it is so Steve Mason can rest to fight another day. Fight adversity Razor, it's what we do best and now is the time to be the best. You can stand with the King, and together we can beat him.

There is no question...Ray and Steve are the most solid tandem we have had in recent years. They are no curse to this team, they are a gift.

Go get 'em Razor!
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April 22, 2014 4:48 PM ET | Delete
Razor is def not a question mark for me, he has led a team to the finals when he was with ottawa. He understands the pressure of the playoffs. Steve Mason is another solid goaltender. Mase is a little banged up right now. Now if the big guns can give Razor a little support early, I think the game will be a lot different than most people think. Playing at home with the last line change will be huge for the Flyers. Personally I would like to see the Flyers win the series. I say 6 games. They will take the 2 at home to go up 3-1, NYR will win at home and Phily will take game 6 at home.
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