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A Word on Justin Schultz

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I am neither surprised nor offended that Schultz did not sign with the Red Wings. Already being coined by some as the best player not playing in the NHL, it really wouldn’t make sense to sign with a team that would promptly ship him off to the AHL. We all know how long Kenny likes to develop his players (and I’m certainly not complaining about that), so I never even bothered to draw him into any potential line combinations. I am, however; not happy with how he decided to air out this ordeal, like the sluttiest cheerleader turning down dates to the prom. I thought “The Decision” was a classless move when LeBron did it a few years ago. Biggest difference: LeBron had a name for himself. In the NBA. Not just in college. I watched the end of game 6 with a group of about 50-60 others, and like many of them, I cheered the ending. Not because Dallas had won, but because Miami had lost.

While I realize there are differences between Schultz’s and LeBron’s “decisions,” could he have painted that same target on his head? Might hockey fans cheer his failures too? Best advice: next time you decide to turn free agency into your own personal game show, do it after you’ve played in an NHL game.
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