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Hyping the Hype

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The Conference Finals are upon us!

In the Eastern Conference we have the Very Goods against the Also Very Goods, with the Very Goods having home ice advantage. Both teams are mighty on offense, with the Very Goods in particular having great depth in the forward ranks. The Also Very Goods have a staunch blueline corps, and look to impart big misery on the marauding, bearded band of would-be playoff heros for the Very Goods. Both teams will run solid goaltenders out there.

And the enmity!

Previous contests between these two teams saw generous amounts of physical abuse levied and umbrage taken by both sides. Indeed, the communal blood of these two teams curdled, boiled and overflowed its tenuous banks in a raging flood of hyperbole.

It will bear uninterrupted attention to see if these two teams' dislike of each other becomes sufficient to distract one or both from the grand prize of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Over in the Western Conference another epic battle looms with the Outstandings set to face off against the Stupendouses (Stupendi?). Many among the hockey cognoscenti dubbed the Outstandings (with their two Gods of Olympus on the blueline) the chosen team for this season, and they have proven greater than both of their first two tests so far. The Stupendi, meanwhile, are casting off the shroud of age to push the Sisyphusian stone back up the hill one more time, playing the part of graceful champion again as well as they have for the last decade-and-a-half. These two exalted brobdingnagians will engage in a battle such has not been seen on this planet since the last two Tyrannosaurus Rex fought it out for world supremecy even as the dust from the giant asteroid ushered in the ice age.

Make no mistake, these will be warriors' wars. Worthy of Homer, Tolkien and Lucas. To miss them? Insanity. To see them? Sublime.
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May 10, 2007 1:42 AM ET | Delete
Are you implying the teams in the East final are worse than those in the West? I would rethink that.
May 10, 2007 9:21 AM ET | Delete
Lets say the point of the blog is right here. You're on a different continent, dude.
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