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"’s like the Summer of 1982 all over again. SAVE the CAPS, SAVE the CAPS, SAVE the CAPS"


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It’s like the Summer of 1982 all over again. SAVE the CAPS, SAVE the CAPS, SAVE the CAPSrnhttp://save-caps.blogspot.com/rnLet this thing go viral SAVE the CAPS, SAVE the CAPSrnrnI'm starting a petition to "unchain the great8less". The following are the reasons why I would strip the great8less of his "C" and save the captainless CAPS. rnrnI had a rare chance to go to the 2004 NHL draft with the caps road crew. (Goat "WOW witchie did one hell of a makeover on you boy. You got married!" Horn Guy, Jay, Wickie) the after party at the draft was cool. Enough of the remembersrnrnSo let get started. rnrnAlex Ovechkin scouting report:rnWhat makes Ovechkin the complete package is his attention to detail when it comes to the less sexy parts of the game, Since When such as gaining position and picking up his man in the defensive zone. He likely won't have the same offensive impact Atlanta's Ilya Kovalchuk has had so early in his career, but he's a far more responsible player at age 18 than the Thrashers' star is at age 20. rnhttp://www.njdevs.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=11990rnrn I don’t think Uncle Ted, well he’s not my uncle thank god, but someone uncle. Sorry to the people that has to live through the pain of knowing his your uncle. rnrnI don’t think they understand personally types and traits. Ovechkin is a selfish rock star, like Justin Bieber. Rock stars don’t have what it take to lead a team. They don’t know how to take care of a team. Name one person that’s on this list of cup winning captains that was a rock star like Ovechkin. NHL star’s yes, but not what the great8less needs to shine. That’s not having to worry about anyone but himself. Captains take care and lead their teams to greatness. Alex lost what made him so great. The weight and pressure of leading a team is too great for him. After the black, white and urine colored team won the cup and Crosby won 2 gold melts. The race to see who’s is better was answered in 2008-09. Alex lost. rn1979-80 New York Islanders Denis Potvin rn1980-81 New York Islanders Denis Potvin rn1981-82 New York Islanders Denis Potvin rn1982-83 New York Islanders Denis Potvin rn1983-84 Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky rn1984-85 Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky rn1985-86 Montreal Canadiens Bob Gainey rn1986-87 Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky rn1987-88 Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky rn1988-89 Calgary Flames Lanny Mcdonald rn1988-89 Calgary Flames Jim Peplinski rn1989-90 Edmonton Oilers Mark Messier rn1990-91 Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux rn1991-92 Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux rn1992-93 Montreal Canadiens Guy Carbonneau rn1993-94 New York Rangers Mark Messier rn1994-95 New Jersey Devils Scott Stevens rn1995-96 Colorado Avalanche Joe Sakic rn1996-97 Detroit Red Wings Steve Yzerman rn1997-98 Detroit Red Wings Steve Yzerman rn1998-99 Dallas Stars Derian Hatcher rn1999-00 New Jersey Devils Scott Stevens rn2000-01 Colorado Avalanche Joe Sakic rn2001-02 Detroit Red Wings Steve Yzerman rn2002-03 New Jersey Devils Scott Stevens rn2003-04 Tampa Bay Lightning Dave Andreychuk rn2005-06 Carolina Hurricanes Rod Brind'Amour rn2006-07 Anaheim Ducks Scott Niedermayerrn2007-08 Detroit Red Wings Nicklas Lidstrom rn2008-09 Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosbyrn2009-10 Chicago Blackhawks Jonathan Toews rn2010-11 Boston Bruins Zdeno Chara rn2011-12 Los Angeles Kings Dustin Brown rn2012-13 Chicago Blackhawks Jonathan Toews rn rnIf I was GMGM I would ask Ted for an audience and place my company badge on the desk when he got there. Ted wants to make money, win a cup, but OV isn’t the captain to lead you there. Look at Lecavalier “the Michael Jordon of Hockey” he was stripped of his captaincy 2001-02. Tampa brought in a real leader in the name of Dave Andreychukrn“In the 2001–02 NHL season, Andreychuk made a shocking move which would pay dividends in the long run. Rather than sign with a Stanley Cup contender, he signed with the lowly Tampa Bay Lightning, to which he was able to bring some much-needed veteran leadership.[2] The Lightning again missed the playoffs that season, and Andreychuk refused trades to contenders, stating his work with the team was not finished. In 2002–03, Lightning head coach John Tortorella appointed Andreychuk the captain, (succeeding Vincent Lecavalier, who was stripped of the captaincy after the 2000–01 season) and Andreychuk promptly led the Lightning to the playoffs for the first time in seven seasons” and look at this Ted “thank god you’re not my uncle” I would have already slapped him stupid. rnCup winning Captainrn2003-04 Tampa Bay Lightning Dave Andreychuk rn rnAlex needs to go walk up to Lecavalier and kindly ask him to pull down pants and underwear. So Alex can see what real balls look like. Than ask Vinny what would he rather have “Captaincy or being known as a Cup winner”? rnThen Alex needs to find Cup winning Captain Dave Andreychuk and kindly ask him to pull down pants and underwear. So you can see the iron cladded balls. Check to see the names on them (Jonathan Toews, Dustin Brown, Sidney Crosby, and Steve Yzerman). The funny thing is you don’t see the Blackhawks rock star Patrick Kane on the [email protected] do you. rnWait, No Wait could it be that easy “be right back”. rnMany moons laterrnI just spend the last couple of hours digging and looking under rock. I couldn’t do it at my house because the rocks in my yard aren’t big enough to hide the next Dave Andreychuk. rnSo I had to start walking rnrn“Ooh, crazy's what they think about mernAin't gonna stop cause they tell me sornCause 99 miles per hour baby, rnIs how fast that I like to go”rnrnAnd you know what, I figured out something, finding the next Dave Andreychuk is hard. I looked under all kinds of different size rocks and I still couldn’t find him.rnrnWhere o where could the next Dave Andreychuk be, o where o where could he be.rnrnIt takes balls to know you’re not the man and to step aside and let the real leader lead. Shut your mouth and go play your concert rock star. Let other people take burden off your shoulders. rnMan how does it fell knowing that you have a Captain on the team that is a proven winner. rnWorld Junior Championshipsrn2008 Team Canada Karl AlznerrnrnAlzner was an assistant captain in the 2007 Super Series against the Russian junior team, and was named captain of Team Canada for the 2008 World Junior Championships, both of which were won by Canada.rnrnBut you know what Russian I don’t think you have the brains let alone ball to do what right for you teammates. Don’t get me wrong OV I love you like a brother from other mother that I never wanted in the first place. But I love you anyways. Someone was too.. I would love you more if you weren’t the captain. I miss the old OV man where did he go. There he is being crushed by all the pressure and weight the C rnDo you know what your problem is OV. You started to believe all the smoke people are blowing up your ass. Time keeps ticking and when the bottom drop out, and your CUPLESS Well hind site is 20 20. Just remember one thing. No one will recall the name of the captain that won the cup. Because Ice hockey is a team sport, and OV I believe you lost your MOXIErn rnFull Definition of MOXIErn1rn: energy, pep rn2rn: courage, determination rn3rn: know-how rnExamples of MOXIErn1. He showed a lot of moxie in questioning the policy.rn2. <it was old-fashioned military moxie that got medical supplies to the disaster site in record time>rnI believe the Russian machine is broken, and can't be fixed. You can't fix character flaws, until they are known to the character, and the character can see them. OV is brokenrnhttp://www.russianmachineneverbreaks.com/rn
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