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"Line change up for Life "
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When I first saw this on the blocks I thought to my self "no way that was a good deal for the caps"!

I saw some people posting their arguments. They said that Forsberg, still only 18 only plays in the second league of Sweden and also that since he is so young there is still many years left before we know his NHL caliber

My comeback would be:
Yes - still young, could and will develop, has a good upside

Yes - only second league - but for you who doesn't know he is carrying his team, Leksand where the current GM familiar face Tommy Salo (Old oiler goalie) doing anything he can to have Forsberg for another year. He was instrumental to his team getting back into the top-shelf league.

Maybe - he is some years away, I look alot to his not so big of a frame but he is top top technically. As said, how many 18 year olds come in to NHL and tear it up?

The other side of the deal - Mr Erat?

For me there should have been somebody else in this deal. I know Caps as many voices on the net says are still chasing the cup and see every year is their OVI-Generation getting older. Yes I get that one. To have championship teams comes and goes in circles and if you miss your spot because the sun and the moon falls right on some other teams champions-Zodiac then you are left behind again. GMGM knows it.

BUT Erat in my eyes does not tip the iceberg. They should have gone out and taken J-Bo, no way Caps defense make it all the way. One playoff type of hit on Green and his out and PP is down. One good series of another third-line killing off OVI and Backstrom, I don't see Erat-ic carry the team after that. I do say he is top-average but he is a bit streaky if I don't remember wrong and he do really disappear.

My judgement is therefor that the Caps OK could have dealt Forsberg but for some bigger reward that would help NOW even more that Erat.

The second player, Michael Latta I do admit that I don't know anything about but seems to be fairly good. Other people could give me more knowledge!

Thank you for reading this quick not and more of a thought!
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April 6, 2013 1:31 PM ET | Delete
I agree, i dont like the trade, but I have some thoughts. First, teams know their own prospects better than anyone else. Despite being young, maybe caps are getting cold feet about forsberg, thinking he will be a solid player but not a star. Second, Erat is underrated playing in nashville, providing verteran leadership and some grit along with some offense. Lastly, Latta really seems like he could step in next year and be a solid third line gritty player.
April 12, 2013 3:27 PM ET | Delete
If there is one thing I learned as a Philly fan....Never trade a Forsberg :p
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