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"Line change up for Life "
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I to will do the famous “prediction section” as to
• Who will be the MVP
• Which team will fold like napkin and be tossed away
• Who will be the most hated guy
• Which team going ride the lucky plucky ride
• And lastly, who is actually taking the Lord Stanley home for dinner and a drink?

Lets start with the quickie matchup rundown (teams/games/thoughts):

In the East

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals
Penguins – Islanders – 4-1 // Did anyone, anyone think of any different ending.
Canadians – Senators – 3-4 // This will be a proper bloodbath, Eller first casualty.
Rangers – Capitals – 2-4 // They may think this is the year, but NYR was just sluggish.
Bruins – Maple Leafs – 4-1 // Leafs was in for a teaching, nice to see playoff back in T.

Eastern Conference Semi-Finals
Penguins – Senator – 4-1 // Do we even dare to talk about “revenge” – Cooke & serve.
Bruins – Capitals – 4-2 // The Bruins are heavier and nastier, Ovi never liked Chara.

Eastern Conference Finals
Penguins – Bruins – 4-2 // Equal in many ways – but not in skillset – Iginla shines!

In the West

Western Conference Quarterfinals
Blackhawks – wild – 4-1 // Wild just have to come back next year, they in the process.
Red wings – Ducks – 2-4 // Everything lays on Z, Dats, Franz, Kroner and Howard – NO!
Canucks – Sharks – 4-3 // Secondary scoring will be Shark letdown like always.
Kings – Blues – 2-4 // The Blues does redeem them self from last years fall-down

Western Conference Semi-Finals
Blackhawks – Ducks – 4-2 // Ducks is just not a team enough for the hawks this time.
Canucks – Blues – 3-4 // This may come as an upset but Canucks get outfought.

Western Conference Finals
Hawks – Blues – 4-1 // Here the Blues-will, will get outdone by the hawks sniper stance.

Stanley Cup Finals

Blackhawks – Penguins – 4-3

// None of the teams I like but they are the present best – hate Sid but would love to give Iginla one actually. Toews who I would say is the MVP does what he does best, drives his team to success and here it is. Have a nice dinner date with the old grumpy Lord Stanley.

MVP – Toews
The napkin goes to – Kings, they was riding last year, this year they are in not even in the back seat.
Hated guy – Cooke will always feature but I would go with someone like Lucic, just see when he pops Sindy Crybe in the final.
Rollercoast ride – Blues under Hitchcock, he knows his team and they go with the ride.

Stanley Cups Champions

Chicago Blackhawks – It’s all the Bowman aka Puppet master guy in the back who pulls those strings. Bowman jr has to get the credit.
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