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"10 Minute Misconduct"
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This looming lockout idea seems like a very odd one to many fans. It is almost a 3 sided battle in my mind. The players have sent forth their proposal and in many ways they are siding with the owners in an effort to fix revenue sharing and help out the league. The previous lockout the owners were much more vocal in their efforts to get the players to bend to their demands. The issue in this case seems to be the the Commissioner of the league, Gary Bettman. He has been outspoken in recent weeks and been throwing the word lockout aroud like a 12 year old girl and "whatever. This is a very bad move for a man going for the lockout hattrick. The league itself is coming off of its biggest years and the game has fully transformed itself since the previous lockout. They need to keep the momentum going and capitalize on hockey's growing popularity in America. The game is on the rise especially after the 2010 Olympics and the excitement filled Playoffs of the last 3-4 seasons.

The players and owners seem to be more on the same page and willing to work on a deal but the more Bettman has used that one word the further apart the two sides seem to the fans. At the end of the day a deal needs to be done, if not Bettman better be s***canned for allowing the sport and its fans to endure this yet again. The man has proven to be incompetent and is disliked by numerous fans and from the looks of it those associated with the NHL. We have less than one month to sit and watch as the NHL turns into a 3 way civil war between players, owners and Bettman in the hopes of getting a deal done and saving the '12-'13 season.

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