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So much has been made about Calgary's cap "troubles" coming up next year, so let's actually break it down and see what contracts, and what roster spots are up for grabs next season.

Contracts in place, assuming no trades happen before the 08/09 season, not including potential extensions:

???? - ???? - Iginla (7.0)
Tanguay (5.250) - Lombardi (1.817) - ????
Moss (.575) - Boyd (.543) - ????
Nilson (1.0) - Primeau (1.4) - ????

Sarich (3.6) - Regehr (4.0)
???? - Eriksson (1.5)
Warrener (2.5) - Aucoin (4.0)

Kiprusoff (5.833)

So for the 2008/2009 season, the Flames have 39.018 million spoken for. With the cap in 2008/2009 rumoured to be somewhere around 55 million.
Possible players to grab roster spots currently under a pro contract (that only count against the cap if they play for Calgary, not the Quad) for the 2008/2009 season:

Warren Peters (F) (.488)
Tim Ramholt (D) (.640)
Matt Keetley (G) (.602)

Players that could also play on the Flames next year, I'm not sure what they would cost, but all would be entry level contracts:

Brandon Prust (F)
Michael Backlund (F)
Adam Pardy (D)
Brett Sutter (F)
Mark Giordano (D)

UFA/RFA Players that should be re-signed:

Huselius (4 million range)
Langkow (4 million range)
Phaneuf (rumoured to be 6.3 million)
Curtis Joseph (1.2 million)
Craig Conroy (1.5 million)
Eric Nystrom (1 million)

If all are re-signed with those numbers, it's an additional 18 million. Add that to the 39.018 and the Flames are at 57.018 million. Over the cap. To remedy that:

Trade Alex Tanguay (-5.25 million)
Trade Marcus Nilson (-1 million)
Trade Rhett Warrener (-2.5 million)

48.268 million + whatever Tanguay bring in for his trade (Nilson should be dealt for a pick - Warrener for a prospect). This leaves the roster (omitting what Tanguay brings in) looking like:

48.268 million

Huselius (4.0) - Langkow (4.0) - Iginla (7.0)
Moss (.575) - Lombardi (1.817) - Boyd (.543)
Nystrom (1.0) - Conroy (1.5) - ????
???? - Primeau (1.4) - ????

Sarich (3.6) - Regehr (4.0)
Phaneuf (6.3) - Eriksson (1.5)
???? - Aucoin (4.0)

Kiprusoff (5.833)
Curtis Joseph (1.2)

In a (let's say) 55.3 million cap world it gives calgary 7.032 million to work with, and only 3 Forward spots and 1 defenceman spot to fill.

Now, here's where I speculate (I think my UFA/RFA extension dollar amounts to be about what they'll sign for)

fill the defenceman spot by bringing back Mark Giordano (.800)
fill 1 forward roster spot by bringing up Brett Sutter (.700)
fill 1 forward roster spot with the player that Tanguay brings in (..guessing...2.5 million)

Huselius (4.0) - Langkow (4.0) - Iginla (7.0)
Tanguays return (2.5) - Lombardi (1.817) - Boyd (.543)
Moss (.575) - Conroy (1.5) - Sutter (.700)
Nystrom (1.0) - Primeau (1.4) - ????

Sarich (3.6) - Regehr (4.0)
Phaneuf (6.3) - Eriksson (1.5)
Giordano (.800) - Aucoin (4.0)

Kiprusoff (5.833)
Curtis Joseph (1.2)

Leaving the Flames with 3.032 left in cap room, and 1 forward roster spot to fill (Michael Backlund anyone?). Yes, Calgary is going to be very close to the cap, but After 2008/2009 you can take Aucoin off the books at 4 million, which truly is the only bad contract we currently hold.

...Lots of personal speculation here, but it was fun writing this up and speculating a bit. Thoughts? Predictions?
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January 20, 2008 2:05 PM ET | Delete
As much as I want to re-sign Huselius I can see a team overpaying him in free agency, like Conroy and LA. I still think the Flames need to trade Tanguay and Huselius. Unfortunately, Sutter seems to prefer Huselius. Under your scenario, we could afford both, but how does that progress us in terms of team needs? (Put off getting a top line center for another season? I don't know.) Also, I strongly disagree with the sentiment that Conroy should be re-signed.
January 20, 2008 3:34 PM ET | Delete
Conroy fits in the room, and I'm not sure where he gets this bum rap he has. He's good in his own zone, yes he shouldnt be playing on the top line, but he is an upgrade on Yelle, Primeau as far as 3rd/4th line centres are concerned. He belongs here in Calgary.
January 20, 2008 4:01 PM ET | Delete
hmmm, pretty optimistic view here. langkow/huselius could command salaries closer to 5-5.5 million based on last year and this year's numbers thus far.based on ur hope for a tanguay return being only 2.5million in salary, i expect the only player in the mix that could come THAT cheap would be ryder based on his crappy season this year.conroy's a BIG if to play here next year. love the guy, but not sure if he's got enough in the tank anymore.
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