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"Canucks Blogger? But Born In Edmonton. I also once read the CBA. :( Painful."
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A lot's been made out of Luongo's recent play on certain goals. I may have, in certain public forums and Facebook pages, called for him to be moved, shut down, pulled or at least replaced with Schneider in a wig, make-up and Lu's jersey.

Those have been momentary reactions and I want to apologize, I really do. There's more to life than hockey and I'm watching a team that hasn't finished October above .500 since I don't know when that's also coming off a number of 100 point seasons, fine finishes and a Stanley Cup Final.

No one wants Luongo to be at his best more than he does. And I don't think he's had a 3-week stretch out of the line-up where he's needed less than 10 games to find his form.

So I say this:

"Lu, if it takes you a bit to warm up, given the short and tumultuous off-season it's been, go ahead. If you need to let in 4 goals in the third, do that. An 8-goal game? Whatever, just shake it off. If your play costs the team 2 points, bail them out in November, December or March as everyone knows you can and even it up. This is a 100-point team and however they come, they come. The team bought into you with a contract and a captaincy - I'll judge you on the season, not one game."
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