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"Us against the world!"
Elizabeth , NJ • United States • 34 Years Old • Male
Now don't get me wrong Jeffery Vanderbeek IS more than a regular Joe, but when it has come to hockey and this Devils Team he is without a doubt "one of us". Mr Vanderbeek started out many many years ago as a minority owner of the Devils. Even in the Meadowlands as both a minority owner and the principal owner he became (ironically he was voted in as an owner just before the owners voted to lockout the players at the very same meeting) he was most often found sitting in his regular season seats in section 129...and not isolated in some fat cat owners box.

Mr Vanderbeek brought us Devils fans (yes we are a small fan base, but fiercely loyal and proud) the one thing we have always wanted, an arena to call our own. As one of us Mr Vanderbeek has assured that you can never walk into the Rock and not know whose house this truly is. Every time us fans have spoken, be it with him as we bump into him on the concourse, or in email he has heard us and has answered.

Last night was the Devils first night back at the Rock after a long enough road trip for Mr Vanderbeek to surprise and impress us once again. One of the biggest complaints about the new arena from "the real fans" was in the cheap seats so to speak, the seats were too tight, part of the reason were these extra wide arm rests that had cup holders on the ends of them, hundreds, maybe even thousands of these such seats. Well imagine my surprise when I returned to my season seats after this latest and most successful road trip to find that every arm rest in the upper sections had been replaced with new smaller and more comfortable arm rests!!! Other complaints that were mitigated while we were away is that it was too warm up stairs, fixed.

Once Again, Thank You Mr Vanderbeek....for Everything
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November 29, 2007 1:43 PM ET | Delete
Good one, very nice and impressive.
December 1, 2007 4:20 PM ET | Delete
Its a lesson well learned by every successful business - listen to your customers. In a "business" that has far too often forgotten who their customers are (the fans), nice to hear how readily your team owner responds to your needs.
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