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Earlier today I was casually reading the lastest edition of the Heralds Hockey section, when I came across something quite intriguing. all The headliner sports writers in the prediction section, including the ones in Calgary picked Detroit in 6 and one lady from Edmonton had them in 7.

To me this is really shocking, im fine with the Flames just sneaking into the playoffs, and yes its been inconsistant all year, But to think that Calgary is the UnderDog and favoured to lose in 6 is pretty far fetched. Yes that is a possibly I know, Calgary could even be swept! But besides the inconsistant play, when you look up and down the line ups of both Calgary and Detroit they are pretty much even.

Many Calgary Fans maybe wondering what team is going to show up in this series, the one that can win 5-7 games straight or the one that is inconsistant on the road and seems to give up too easily. To me when playoffs come its totally different, remember when the Flames won the northwest only to be beat by 6 seeded Ducks? I refuse to believe this is going to be a one-sided affair. If Calgary is playing to their expectations this team could beat a high flying Detroit team at top calibre.

soo.... Flames in 6!!!
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April 11, 2007 5:07 PM ET | Delete
I really can't wait for this series. Kippy is amazing and the Flames I think are just a difficult match up for this Detroit team. I think we got a long series on our hands here, and if there was going to be an 8 seed upset it is this series. I wonder if Hasek will bring his good groin?
April 11, 2007 5:43 PM ET | Delete
I think Detroit is due to have a good playoff series, and sadly Calgary won't be able to stop a full blast Red Wings team. They have too much depth on offense, too much talent on defense and watch out for Hasek who played great -all- season. I think people are being generous giving Calgary two game in the series.
April 11, 2007 7:23 PM ET | Delete
Honestly, if the team I think the Flames can be shows up, their physical game will crush Detroit...Get in Hasek's face and he'll buckle....Flames in 6-7 games....
October 22, 2007 12:50 AM ET | Delete
Flames never had a chance!!
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