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North Vancouver, BC • Canada • 24 Years Old • Male
Okay. Sorry Canucks fans but, this one falls on me. Watching the Canucks collapse and blow leads late has become routine latley, and quite honestly, its become pretty fun. The anticipation and build up really brings a new dimension to the whole 'Canuck' experience, exciting enough that one could argue the NHL shouldnt be worried at all about bigger nets or more goals, they should be focusing on making sure every NHL city gets 82 visit's a year from the overly generous Vancouver Canucks! I mean seriously, with the Canucks handing games away like candy on Halloween, or gift wrapping wins like a drunk uncle on Christmas Eve.. (which is to say in a very ugly and fast manner) how could a fan from whichever city the Canucks may be playing in NOT want to see this live? Needless to say, as fun and exciting as I claimed this current trend is, the truth is its more frustrating than anything. Once again, a blown lead, an overtime loss and some questionable coaching decisions were the headlines tonight, along with the topic of the ice time of Vancouvers younger players. Sub-par special teams were there again aswell, sure the PP scored but, the manner of which they surrendered a short handed goal to Montreal could be best described as hair-pulling and tiresome. Such trouble gaining the zone and too many missed passes. Somthing has got to give with this powerplay soon, jeez wheres Tom Sestito these days and could someone maybe give him a call? As soon as Montreal scored that shorty most Canuck fans could probably sense the tide turning, i know i did! Minutes before Montreals first goal I was thinking to myself how great it would be for Markstrom to get a shutout tonight, whoops! I know you should never say the 'S' word but damn, now you cant think it either? Okay, I'll remember that for next time. Then the shorthanded goal, yeah I figured that would happen.. Of course it would! Then I said to my girlfriend, ''are they really going to blow a 3-0 lead? They are arent they? The Canucks are going to give up a late third period goal and drop this one in overtime because.. Well, because Canucks." And they did. Like i said Canucks nation, this ones on me.. I called it and I'm sorry for that. But really with the luck the home town boys have been having latley.. what else did you expect?
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November 18, 2015 3:54 PM ET | Delete
How on earth could you make a schedule with every NHL city getting 82 visits? If theyre going to play 82 home games a year would that make it a 164 game schedule?
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