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Oilers Goalie solution

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After watching the Oilers/Sharks game last night and reading blogger and fan reaction here is my take on the situation. Devan Dubnyk did not have a very good game .I don’t dislike him, but I find he does not have the makings of a number one goaltender. Last night, it seemed like he had no fight, no desire to go out and make a big save. I find he lacks that competitive edge and elite athleticism. He is a good positional goalie but not one that will routinely make incredible saves. He does not have the swagger of a number one. Although the Oilers played poorly, he needs to come up with a big save to keep them in the game. That’s how playoff teams win sometimes. That’s how Ottawa beat Winnipeg on Saturday. Anderson made some big saves in the first and Ottawa came out in the second and third and won the game. Dubnyk came up with zero big saves, thus 4-1 after 10 minutes. I would have pulled him at this point but that is not the issue. I find the best solution for the Oilers is picking up Ben Bishop. He’s tall (6’7) and having seen him play for Ottawa last year, I find he has good positional and very good athleticism. He reminds me of Pekka Rinne but obviously not on the same level. Furthermore, he’s cheap at 650 000 and he is an RFA at the end of the season so the Oilers would not be stuck with a big contract should he not work out. The Sens need a dman but the Oilers have none to spare. Making a deal would involve draft picks, high ones. This team needs a goalie to make the playoffs, bottom line. After the deal is done, try dealing one of the other goalies. I would rather this move than giving up a good roster player for a Luongo at 5.5 for 10 more years. Way less risk! If it were me, I would aim for a Bishop/Danis tandem but I don’t think many people would agree.
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High draft picks for a goalie that is not known to be better than what the Oilers already have...
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Correct, I do not agree. Dubnyk has proved more than Bishop atthe NHL level, why would we want to develop another young goalie ?
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