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Woman's hockey

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To be honest the only women's hockey I've heard of was when Tampa Bay had Manon Rhéaume play in goal in the preseason of 1992 and then an exhibition game in '93 against Boston. My eyes were extra wide open when I saw women's olympic hockey this year, these ladies are fast and good. I couldn't stop watching. Being from Buffalo, NY and seeing two new rinks being built in front of The First Niagara center in downtown Buffalo some thoughts come to my mind, #1 I hope one of the rinks are going to be Olympic size as it would benefit Buffalo well in attracting international training and sponsering international competition. It's be a pip to see maybe a Buffalo team at the international level. IT WOULD PUT BUFFALO ON THE INTERNATIONAL STAGE AND AT THE FOREFRONT OF IT IN THE GOOD OL U.S. OF A. Rink #2 could be the home of a new National Women's Hockey League (NWHL) team. I think it would be entertaining to see a professional womens league and I also think it could be a big draw and generate some much needed money for the cities that participate on top of expanding hockey's fanbase overall. Would you go out to see a pro womens team play?
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