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L.A. Kings a dynasty?

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As I sat and watched the Stanley Cup Finals the first three games weren't what I expected. After watching the Rags in the semi-finals I thought they had what it takes to win the cup. I was rooting for them, but in games 1 - 3 I watched the Kings toss around the Rangers like they were rags.
Where were Mike Richards, Marty St.Louis and with the exception of King Henrique the rest of the Rangers team?
Games 4 & 5 were played like I expected the series to go, great checking, some goals and two goaltenders standing on their heads.

I felt for anyone (including myself) that was drinking multiple liquid refreshments both in The Staples Center and on t.v. during the last intermission and final period of game 5 because that was some of the most exciting hockey I've ever seen.
My hats off to the Kings management team for making the correct choice when they traded Steve Bernier to the Leafs instead of Jonathan Quick, it had to be a gut wrenching call and it ended up being the right call.

Congrats to Robin Reghier, the former Buffalo Sabre on winning the cup and to the rest of the Kings.

Three players I'd like to focus on are Jonathan Quick, Drew Doughty & Justin Williams. Jonathan Quick seems to be taking the Patrick Roy path to greatness and certainly is on the path to the HOF as is Drew Doughty who played a spectacular series throughout the playoffs and Justin Williams who many wanted to ride out of town a couple of seasons ago did a great job leading his team in scoring and thus winning the Conn Smythe trophy.

The Rangers? well nobody remembers 2nd place but New York you have no reason to feel shame, your team reached the cup finals with a new coach and played a great in games 4 & 5 not to mention all the previous games up to the finals. You sent Syd and Geno packing!!!

It was a great playoffs, one that saw the Championship Chicago Blackhawks ousted by the eventual cup champs & dynasty in the making L.A. Kings, the dispatching of the Big Bad Bruins by Le Habitants of Montreal and The deep frying of Syd the Kid's Penguins.

The N.H.L for me has the greatest championship series in the sports world and the most beautiful of all pro sports trophies - Lord Stanley's Cup.

Congrats Southern California & your Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings!
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June 15, 2014 10:19 AM ET | Delete
Proofread your writing before posting it. Besides that, this article is vastly better than your article on the 2nd overall pick.
October 28, 2014 2:53 AM ET | Delete
Thank you.
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