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Welcome back.........

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To that same 'ol place you've been dreamin' about, game time ice!

It took 19 seconds into the 1st period for Ennis the Menace to deposit the biscuit into the basket.

It surely felt great to pot that one! I for one have been patiently waiting for Ennis's return.

Tyler Ennis has game, Tyler Ennis hasn't contracted Connolly's disease.

For those of you who don't know about Conolly's disease it a reflex condition that is a direct result of concussions. It lurks in the back of ones mind while playing in the NHL, wondering if the next hit will be the last one, the one hit that'll take away the cars, the nightlife and the celebrity of a pro athelete, the one hit that can make you turn into a vegetable and one that makes one play scared hockey like Tim Connolly when he returned to the Sabres line-up and subsequently the Tonto Maple Laffs.

Ennis didn't show any signs of timidness like Connolly did. As a matter of fact Tyler Ennis played his game like he always has since day 1.

The Sabres with an injected Tyler Ennis look like an entirely different team. We're finding out that it isn't just Jack that make a difference. With a healthy forward core the Sabres played an up-tempo game that saw them modify the 3 back on the blue line defense they employed 3 games ago to lane clogging highway mess that the Dallas Stars had trouble with in the neutral zone and when trying to enter the Buffalo zone it would be a frustrating game for Lindy Ruff & crew.

Ennis in the line-up gives the team continuity and allows D.B. to keep lines together so they can grow together.

I'll need a few more games to make an Ennis assesment, whether he's trade bait, expansion bate or a keeper for the team.

As of this moment my 8 player protected list would be.

Jack, Silent Sam, Kane, Ennis, O'Rielly, Foligno, Girgensons,Risto & negotiate a contract for Anders Nillson.
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