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"As it should be................"
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Just when you count them out the Kane lead Sabres say "never say die".

In Buffalo the Sabres played a must win game against the ugliest of the N.H.L. , the lowly Colorado Avalanche. In Buffalo had they lost, I would've followed in the footsteps of the Boston Bruins & the Montreal Canadiens and fired Dan Abysmal.
Lucky for Dan Silent Sam, Robin Lehner & The Kane Express rolled on over Matt Duchene, Gaby Landeskog & Nate McKinnon like a mountain avalanche.

The Sabres did the Dew.

The Sabres are still mathematically in it for a wild card playoff spot. How wild would that be?

Kane they be that team against all odds? That would be an exciting finish to an otherwise disappointing injury filled 2016 season.

Kane solidifies why the Sabres should keep him. Speed, grit & goal scoring, leading by example on top of being number one in the N.H.L. for 5v5 goals. I believe at this pace he can come close to 30 and that my readers is why we gave up so much for him. His problems are forgotten by all the G.M.'s around the league.
Of course every playoff team would love to have him not only for the playoffs but for another season on top of a whole year to negotiate a new contract.

That's a helluva package to give up and for what? a D-man and a prospect? NO WAY!!! 30 goal scorers you don't trade away.

Kane will bring a championship to whatever playoff team he's on.

"Silent Sam" Sampson Reinhart, he's a ghost on the ice, he makes plays out of nowhere, he's great on the boards, he smart with the puck, he finds a spot in front of the net and BAM! he scores!!!!
This is another Sabre that you don't trade away, Sampson took the advice of Sabres management to bulk up and work on his game down in juniors and when he came back to Buffalo he was here to stay.
His improvement on the ice year over year is pleasing if you're a Sabres fan. This is a sign of character and this type of player you don't trade away.

Robin Lehner, I'm doing an about face on this one. All season long flashes of Ryan Miller 2.0 filled my screen, all season long I've been on the trade him bandwagon. Not anymore, Lehner has been lights out one of the best goalies in the league in save percentage and should he stay healthy and G.M.TM. solidifies the defence his wins will go up and goals against will go down.

Congrats on your 2nd s.o. of the season!

This team is starting to take shape and the seeds of good character are growing. I think that a little more patience and one more offseason the Sabres could be in good shape, Guhle makes the team next year so that covers one whole in the defence and lets not forget the draft and free agency.

I also think next year Foligno breaks out.

Lets hope Nylander plays above and beyond all expectations, then that will fill another glaring need for speed.
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