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"As it should be................"
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Staff at the Key Bank Center in Buffalo have been reporting to their supervisors of a ghostly presence with an eeeerie voice serenading in the hallways.
One KeyBank staffer I spoke with on condition of anonymity said he was on the 100 level walking down the hallway when all of a sudden it got real cold and he felt a brush on his shoulder and seen what he says was a white fog floating in the air and when it disappeared he heard an eeeeerie howl which he said sounded like Jim Morrison singing "the music's over, turn out the light". A couple of Sabres players reported similar experiences in the locker room.

With two devastating losses to bottom dwellers Colorado and Phoenix it appears the playoff race is over and Buffalo's entered the experimental phase for the rest of the season. Dan Abysmal has shuffled the lines promoting Justin Bailey to the top three, Gionta to the second line. I like all four lines, no position's determined on contract dollars. These lines appear to be all scoring lines and a looksie at how Justin Bailey does on the top line. These lines signal defeat, the realization that the Buffalo Sabres biggest news may well be where they're going to sit in the draft order and how G.M.T.M. deals with newcomer Las Vegas. Will Buffalo loose a player or will the GK'S get a draft pick. Time will tell.

As long as they're experimenting why not put Franson up in Girgs spot and try the Latvian Locomotive on defense, what can it hurt at this time. After all future H.O.F.'er Lindy Ruff moved from the D spot to the wing and did well.
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cool man ! cool!
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Message Postedcool
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glad to hear Jim Morrison still hanging around, go Blue Jackets
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