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Wow congrats St. Pats

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Yes the young St. Pats from Toronto a.k.a. The Maple Leafs.

After the season ended for my Buffalo Sabres I decided to watch two Canadian teams; The Leafs and the Oilers. The leafs because they're just an hour away up the QEW and they're well built with speed and guts. The Oilers because of 1 player Connor McDavid.
I saw him play in Erie with the Otters and was blown away at the ease he plays and controls games. It was exciting because the Sabres had a good chance at getting the 1st over all pick.
My face, Tim Murrys face, Connor McDavids Face and everyone in W.N.Y. displayed the same shock and dissapointment when it was announced on live t.v. the Edmonton Oilers won the pick instead.

Lets get to the Leafs first.

Toronto has alot to be proud of in them young saplin's. Not once did they look like a young inexperienced team. They displayed a speedy transitional game that took it to the Caps at every corner (with the exception of T.J. Oshie -vs- four Maple Leafs at the Maple Leaf blue line. As the play unfolded WTF!!! was my thought as Oshie sent a shot into such a tiny spot I thought Anderson should've saved. Other than that it was great to see Mike Babcock guide and mold these kids into professional players.

O.k. onto the Oilers.

What can I say, one player makes such a huge impact on a team. My all time fav Connor McDavid. Without Connor the Oilers are golfing, period.
Right now everyone is saying Taylor who? That trade so far hasn't blown up in the often critisized Pete Chiarelli's face like the Kulikov trade did to Tim Murry in Buffalo, partially dooming T.M. & Dan Abysmal.

In this series 2 ex-Sabres played and one made a big difference. Andre Sekera and the rejuvinated Zack Kassian.
Zack seems to be making the best of what could be his last chance in the N.H.L. Kassian's contributions were made along the boards with persuit of the puck, big hits and puck stripping skills that helped McDavid and Co. dominate the San Jose Sharks.

I'm hoping for the Cup to return to Edmonton this year.

Granny always use to say "what a difference 1 person can make in the lives of many others".
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