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"As it should be................"
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Seriously now.....

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Jason Botterill, do something! NOW!!!!!

Phil Housley doesn’t have control of the team, for the third game in a row the Sabres got shutout. Three games, zippo, zilch, nothing.

As I’ve said some time ago, some heads have to roll, starting with the coaching staff. If Phil’s loyal to his crew then fire the lot of them. To go from the number 1 pp to the last is unacceptable. Fire the special teams coach, the goalie coach and the high school coach.
Then, trade Larson for a defenseman, say Ian Coal, bring up Guhle and the highest scorer on the Amerks.

Like every other team in the league we have four lines and two goalies, key word: TEAM. We don’t have a team, we have a bunch of individuals collecting huge checks, insulting the good, hard working Sabres fans.

Someone please shut R.O.R. up! I’m way past tired of his accepting the blame, I can do better speech. Ryan, champions back up those words, they don’t constantly say the same lame things, jeez you look like J.C. from the Passion of the Christ, muster up some hockey holiness and do some miracles, like, shut up and score.

Jake McCabe, why is he in a Sabres uniform while Guhle sports the red, white and blue up in the Flower City? No garbage about development, if I’m the boss I’m going to use all of the tools in my toolbox. Send a message to comfortable McCabe who is, at best, an A.H.L. defenseman.

Antipin looks as lost as a kid in a bombed out city. I understand that there may be a language barrier but hockey’s hockey. How can you forget to play the game?

Jack Eichel generational? Do generational players disappear on their teams? Suck it up butter cup and stop dancing the perimeter looking for that 1 shot from the left dot, games are won when you win the battles in front of the blue paint.

It’s time to make a change, time to rearrange, time to see what an NHL G.M. will do to help his team right its coarse.
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