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Deja Vue 5 yrs running.

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Every year for the past five years, to be a little generous, the Buffalo Sabres have stunk up the ice for the 1st half of the season and this seems no different.

The teams on fire, players we expect to score are finally scoring. Sam Reinhart is a great example. Once a whipping boy who ne’er lived up to expectations and with a family cursed by the hockey gods Sam’s not so silent anymore and hangin around the blue paint like a fat kid at a candy store.

This season brings back memories when Artur Erbe was the goaltender coach and every Cinderella goalie to cross his path turned into a prince that almost ruined our draft standing in an otherwise worthless season.

Now Robin Lehner’s got 20 minutes of shut out hockey and should scare us just the same as Chad Johnson did back then. Don’t get me wrong Chads not the kind of goalie Robin is. I say if your going to trade him get a 1st back, he’s more seasoned than he was in Ottawa and year in and out has a descent save percentage and with a good defense in front of him I wouldn’t be surprised if he started getting into Vezina contention. After his shuffling off from Buffalo.

Another thing I’d like to address is R.O.R.. Ive been on the trade him band wagon, well I’m getting off that ride. Buffalo would be in a similar position when they lost Drury and Brier and would further delay the rebuild.

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