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After reading Garth’s blog talking about Don Cherry’s lambasting of Evander Kane misbehaving in Calgary I just had to join in.

As a life long Sabres fan I feel the pain of this trade. Evander Kane in my eyes should’ve been hard to acquire and I was in disbelief of what we got in return and the b.s. reason why.

I think Don Cherry’s rant about E.K.9 is a perfect example of how media influences the general public and fans perception of a player. Look at how many of you blog about how the Sabres are going to be so much better WHEN Casey Middlestadt signs with the Sabres. A lot of you all are completely convinced of this, have you forgot about Vesey? Well, wake up and smell the coffee, Casey can stay for all 4 years of college and become an unrestricted free agent.

For all you hypocrite, 2 letter fans of both the Bills and the Sabres you must be jumping for joy that Kanes gone.

If Kane was a star NFL quarterback and on the Buffalo Bills, many of you out there screaming for his trade from the Sabres would be forgiving and embracing of Kane if he was better than Jim Kelly as quarterback of the Bills.

Evander Kane should’ve been resigned. To forgive is Devine. Evander will finish his maturity in San Jose and go on to have a great career in the NHL.

I defend Garth and echo his opinion about Kane. I defend Kane because he’s just as human as you and I. I also think some jaded opinions are based on jealousy.

Well, to try to feel better about one of the worse trades in Sabres history I think about one of the greatest trades in Sabres history, Mikael Grosek & Stephan Beauregard to the Chicago Blackhawks for back-up goaltender Dominic Hasek.

Hasek provided us all a rise in cardiac rhythm with his Gumby like style of play game in and out, some of my heart palpitations came from seeing him leave the crease to play the puck or a quick dash up the slot to poke check a puck from an opposing players stick during a break away.

Hasek was a game changer, Hasek was the greatest player to strap on the pads. We all embrace him because of all the thrills and victories he provided us. We forgave and forgot his transgressions.

I guess being caucasian is a game changer too.

We lost a great player because of racism and butt cheek tight, politically correct ownership and fans. To forgive is Devine.

The NHL will never gain more fans if it doesnt get its head out of its puritan ass.
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