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"As it should be................"
hamburg, NY • United States •
NOvemember continues without a win after the Sabres get rocked by lightning twice in two days.

Not only are we winless but we gave up four valuable, Eastern Conference tiebreaker points and valuable real estate in the standings. Like last year, we're going from the penthouse to the outhouse in typical Sabres fashion.

I don't think the Sabres are going to cure their woes by trading Ristolienen and certainly won't fix things trading away a lessor defenceman, draft picks and or prospects.

At which point in this month do you throw the towel in?
When do you give Tage " no difference maker" Thompson the call?
Is there anything on the waiver wire worth a claim?

Whatever the case may be, GMJB's gotta make a move soon, real soon.
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