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"As it should be................"
hamburg, NY • United States •
Don Cherry's been fired by Sportsnet, ridiculously!

Terry & Kim should go Cherry picking in Toronto. Don's a hockey icon that would add international color and flavor to our broadcast. Does anyone remember the last canuck broadcaster we poached from tonto? Harry "put me to sleep" Neal.

Cherry's hockey royalty, better yet he's a hockey God. Not only is his speech colorful but his rags are sharp! From the flavorful ties to his high collar shirts reminiscent of the '30s gangster (Don we're the same size if you need to thin out your closet), Don is the cream of the crop, bring him to the 716.

Terry the hotel's awesome as are the rinks and supporting services, Don Cherry would add to the redevelopment of Buffalo. Don could open a waterfront restaurant.

People need to stop being overly sensitive & there are only two sexes.

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