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One dimensional team?

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The birthday boys' being lit up like a chit flavored birthday cake.

Are the Sabres a one-dimensional team? No, they're a one-player team and the rest is soft tent folders. The Flyers are scoring at will. It seems like on every shot. There are 10 Flyers to 1 Sabres goalie. Not a winning proposition.

If the Sabres had as many goals as penalties we would be winning in a large fashion.

This is a coaching/player problem. Why? because when your leading scorers sitting out with an upper-body injury and you can't motivate your team to believe in themselves and don't have the fortitude and the toughness to be disciplined enough to compete. It's a coaching problem. When your players are dependent on Jack to gain the zone, set up the play, score goals or assist on them it shows they have no mental toughness.

The coaches message isn't being heard, it appears without Jack the coach you're riding the slicky slide to a lottery selection pick.

If J Bott doesn't do anything to help the team I can see two+ heads a rolling, a g.m. and the entire coaching staff. There's no stability in the management of this team thus a bad product on the ice. At this point, I'd take a try on Kovi and Vanek on our 3rd line. As old as they are, they're a better option than what we got and could be had on cheap, pro-rated contracts.

Does anyone feel that Jacks the common denominator the last 5 yrs? How long before he requests a trade?

Isn't 10 years enough to rebuild?
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