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John and Sam, Sam and John

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You do not trade Sam Period.

If you trade Eichel, Sams the guy you build around. His work ethic is top notch and his scoring abilities are consistent year after year. Think Gary Roberts, (without research).
Sam is a silent leader, he’d qualify for hockey black ops. He goes in gets the job done and takes one for the team over and over (bridge deals). That’s character, that’s a locker room leader and you don’t trade a player like him unless you get an overwhelming offer.

With almost .5 ppg and a is a -90 over his career with the Sabres is just phenomenal. Imagine Sam in Edmonton,Tampa, Colorado and it wouldn’t surprise me to see Sam Reinhart instantly be a 1.5 ppg player.

Signing Sam shows the rest of the locker room that if you play with all you got and are a true teamster you’ll find security with the Sabres.

Sign Sam to the Sabres long term. He deserves it. $7m x 8.
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