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Contracts, that’s what’s all around us in the world of commerce. Whether it’s a drivers license, traffic ticket or a performance contract that Jack Eichel signed for $10m x 8 years. Meaning every cell belongs to the Sabres for those eight years.

I’m certain that all people who’ve had the same injury or worse, doctors always start with the conservative approach unless absolutely necessary.

The media sensationalized the story, for you guessed it, ratings = $$$

So, since we’re already talking money let’s open up an avenue unexplored and is a biggie when it comes to the financial health of any sports team, and it’s ability to sign players. This is in addition to ltir write-offs.

On top of player salaries, Sports teams also pay premiums to insurance companies such as Loyd’s of London to hedge themselves against loss .
There are terms in the insurance contract that we no nothing about , are not privy to nor are any outlets ever talking about it.

One of those terms that the contract may not payout on is exploratory/experimental surgery.
And that’s what media outlets are reporting is an artificial disk implant that Jack wants, and that surgery has never been done before. That could possibly nullify the protection the Sabres are paying for.

Well that’s just bad business on the part of Eichels agent for just giving him the keys to the Brinks truck and not explaining how all the buttons work to his client.

If you were the Sabres would you just throw caution to the wind with $80m + ?

Besides, Jackie’s college educated he’d be able to figure it out on his own.

Plain and simple both contracts must be adhered to and is in the best interests of both parties. Eichel and his agent can’t expect the Sabre’s to nullify the payout terms of the policy, loosing not only on salary but on premium and Jack the asset himself.

That my friends is the holy trinity of hockey, the asset, the salary and the indemnity.
May 24, 2021 3:50 PM ET | Delete
The injury is a big issue for Eichel, but the base consideration is really his desire to move on from the Sabres. The organization is in utter chaos. It should surprise no one that he wants out. Eichel and his agent are using the injury as leverage to escape from the abyssmal Sabres organization.
May 25, 2021 12:36 AM ET | Delete
Whatever leverage Eichels agent thinks he has, right now is none. His clients signed sealed and delivered. Cry all he wants and at the end of the day the Sabres still hold all the cards. If I were g.m. I’d want to get rid of the neck problem and see if Sam will take a solid offer. After all there is a haul to be had, at anytime during Eichels contract.If we keep Eichel and he produces but the teams mediocre, Jack would be happy to waive his ntc . So, all the cards in the Sabres favor.
June 1, 2021 7:02 PM ET | Delete
Thing is superstars on dud teams don't move needles. They need to trade Eichel at least to get a 2-3 good NHL player package ready. This is also why ANH should seriously move Gibson for a haul -- he's incredible, but won't get that poop team in the playoffs. Teams need depth over 1-2 amazing players.
June 3, 2021 1:30 AM ET | Delete
What luck Charlie Brown. Loose McDavid, Draisitl, Eichel, Reinhart, O’Rielly, Kane but win a poor draft. Personally, trade with Edmonton. Try to get McDavid.
July 24, 2021 7:03 AM ET | Delete
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