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Oilers trade bait

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In my last blog (http://my.hockeybuzz.com/...&user_id=183597I) I partially talked about the possibility of Nino Neiderreiter being traded to the Oilers this summer to bring more size to the top 6 (6' 2'') and to get a more legitimate top six left winger. Granted, Paajarvi is bigger than Nino (6'3'' vs. 6'2'') but this past year Paajarvi has become a good power forward and would be better used with Hartikainen on the 3rd line. Neiderreiter would be better for the top 6 because he's more offensive than Paajarvi but is still big and can play physical when needed.

I mentioned last time about trading Hemsky for Neiderreiter strait up but I got the feeling from people from their comments that they thought that wasn't gonna be enough to get Neiderreiter from the Islanders. I understand where they're coming from because Hemsky is injury-prone and his trade value is hard to determine because of that. But also you have to think about how Neiderreiter is young and inexperienced and unproven. But, he also has the potential to be a future 70+ point getter so that will make his trade value increase.

So if Edmonton were to make a trade we would have Hemsky, Gagner, draft picks and other players (Omark, Eager, etc.) that wouldn't make a difference as our trade bait. If we were to trade for Neiderreiter we would proberly need to trade 2 or more players/picks to the Islanders. You would need to have a good player as the centerpiece of the trade (Hemsky or Gagner). I would pick Hemsky because we still might need Gagner next year if who ever we draft isn't NHL ready (see my last blog). So, so far we have Hemsky for Neiderreiter like I said in my last blog and that's not enough, so we would have to add another player/ pick of a lesser value. I'm thinking a 3rd or 2nd round pick would be enough. Throw Omark in there to get rid of him. He could still be useful to the Islanders because he has skill, but his time in Edmonton is done and we would be willing to trade him for a rotten pickle. So, after this the trade would be...

To Edmonton: Nino Neiderreiter
To New York I.: Ales Hemsky, Linus Omark, 2nd/3rd round draft pick

Do you think this will be enough to get Nino? If not, what do you think it would take?

P.S. I forgot about lander in my last blog so this is what the lines would be....

Hall - Nuge - Eberle

Nino - Monahan - Yakupov

Paajarvi - Horcoff - Hartikainen

Brown - Lander - Petrell

extra: Smyth

Thanks for reading!
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