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MacT I love ya.

Not in a gay way but you know what I mean. You where able to trade Shawn Horcoff for something other than a bag of gym socks. Miracle. Philip Larsson and a 7th rounder. I didn't think we could even get a seventh for him! Miracle worker, I repeat a miracle worker.

Again, I have nothing against Horcoff the player, except that he has no hands. He's a good 3rd line center on any team. It's just that he's paid like a 1st liner. Lowe sucked the big one when he signed Horcoff.

Anyway. Larsson is a good return in this trade. I would of rathered them to of got a forward because we have lots of good young defense but any return is good in this trade. This trade will still help the Oilers next year and in the longterm because we have 5 defense for next year. Schultz x2, Petry, Smid and Belov. We where going to have to rush Klefbom into the NHL next year because we didn't have another NHL defenseman. Larsson will fit perfectly with Belov on the 3rd pairing and give Klefbom a year in the AHL to develop.

Larsson will also help the longterm need in Edmonton because he's only 23 and has lots of room to grow his game. He could develop into the 2nd pairing 2 way defender that Edmonton craves. A great return for Horcoff.

The 7th round pick will proberly just turn into a career CHLer (Central Hockey League not Canadian). But with Larsson coming back in the trade for a player I thought we couldn't trade for a can of Campbell's soup, MacT did awesome. A great move by MacTavish and it even makes up for the dissappointing draft!

Good job MacTavish, keep it up!
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