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Well, the trade was already good. The Oilers got their 2nd line LWer and they only had to give up a 2nd and Paajarvi. I liked Paajarvi but Perron is a great player with a no quit attitude. Exactly what Edmonton wants.

Now this trade is already good but I thought of a way this trade could become awesome. Wanna hear? Good.....

Paajarvi's a RFA right? The whole point of this trade for St Louis was to dump salary so they could sign Pieterangelo, right? Well they only have about 6 million in cap space so after they sign Pierterangelo they won't have enough salary for anyone else, right? Right. Since Paajarvi's a RFA the Oilers could offer sheet him and sign him. Didn't they say on TSN today that if you sign a UFA for under 1.7 million the compensations only a 3rd round pick? That's not much.....

Paajarvi's worth around 1.5 million we can all agree on that right? Well the Oilers could offer sheet him at 1.7 million. It'll be a bit of a overpayment but the Blues wouldn't have enough cap room to match the offer sheet so the Oilers would be able to get Paajarvi from St Louis and only give up a 3rd rounder! Good trade now isn't it?

So now the trade would pretty much be a 2nd and a 3rd rounder for Perron. Best trade in Oilers history, you agree? We would get the skilled die hard winger for the 2nd line and the big 2 way winger for the 3rd. I would take that deal all day long.

This would make the Oilers lines.....

Hall - Hopkins - Eberle

Perron - Gagner - Yakupov

Paajarvi - Gordan - _______

Finnish guy - Lander - Jones

Schultz x2

Ference - Petry

Smid - Belov



Now all the Oilers would have left to find would be another 3rd liner. Player from the Hemsky trade and we're all good. This was a good trade by MacTavish even if they don't sign Paajarvi. Good start to the post free agency off season.

Welcome to Oil Country Perron! (And hopefully welcome back Paajarvi)
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