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Who cares if we just traded him? Paajarvi will be in an Oilers uniform on opening night in October. Here's how...

First off I should tell you why I think Edmonton needs Paajarvi back in the first place. You look at Edmonton's front line and you see there's pretty much only 1 hole left, 3rd line LWer. Isn't that where Paajarvi was? You bet ya. Paajarvi will re-fill the hole on the 3rd line and will complete next years roster. He was developping into a great 2 way player last year and will continue to develop into a great 3rd line winger under Eakins guidance if he comes back.

Now, you're proberly all wondering how Edmonton will re aquire him. Right? Thru trade? Don't think so. Have you ever seen a team trade a player and them trade for them back a few days later? Only in NHL 13 guys. Thru free agency? He isn't a UFA though. But he is a RFA.....

Offer sheet. Yup. Offer sheet a player you just traded. This could be a new strategy for GM's. Anyway, the whole reason St Louis made this trade was because they needed salary to sign Pierterangelo and Stewart. They don't have enough cap space to overpay for Paajarvi. This is where the Oilers come in. On TSN the other day it said that the compensation for 1.7 million and under is a 3rd round pick. Paajarvi is worth around 1.25 to 1.5 million so Edmonton could offer sheet him for 1.7 million and St Louis won't have the cap space to match it. We would overpay but who cares we have plenty of cap. So pretty much we would of traded a 2nd and 3rd round picks for Perron. I like it. The only down side would be St Louis's GM would hate Edmonton but you do what you have to do.

So re signing Paajarvi would complete the Oilers roster. Up front at least. And they would only have to give up a 3rd round pick for him. I like it. But the real question is, will it happen?
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