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Well the games go by, and by, and... bye bye, another one gone! One game in the loss column is better than one for the win and jeepers who is ready for the end of this Maple Leafs season? Whomever else out there floating through purgatory, waiting for it to end, and get to some real action such as the playoffs... you know what I'm talking about here! Sure, it's fun to watch the end of the season for sake of the Calgary Flames, who's fleeting 4-0 comeback to a shootout loss on Sunday was enticing. Underdogs such as the Florida Panthers still remain an interesting sight to see if they can pull through and make the post season. There's a lot going on in hockey right now, and as a hockey fan, one can respect this exciting time of the year. rnrnBut being a Maple Leafs fan, and a true fan at that, comes with that feeling that no other team can provide; the feeling of a chance for success, the possibility of a cup in Toronto, or at least a shot at the playoffs. So what do we do? We analyze, over analyze, and then analyze our over analyzations. We don't care nearly as much if the Blackhawks or Kings can make a run, or what underdog team may make a splash. We want to know if Nylander and Brown are the real deal. We want to know if Bozak, Lupul, Kessel and Phaneuf are going to be here next year. We want to know if Nonis is on his way out. Sure, the 2015 playoffs will be interesting to watch and watch we shall, but lingering in the back of our minds will undoubtedly be of what will become of our beloved Maple leafs. We do so to the point where it makes us nauseous. I for one want to say that I will be patient with the team, but I will just simply have to take some time off from the Leafs.rnrnSure, the entire Burke tenure will end up being a failure and completely dismantled, but I don't regret those years. Those were good years for me with the Leafs. On a positive note, I finally made it out to my first game at the acc during those years, and then I went to dozens of them. I loved going and watching the speed of the game, the difference in watching with no announcers gabbing in your ears. Close games were nothing short of brilliant as the energy in the building ramped up. Seeing my favourite player in Phil Kessel with unbelievable speed and skill. Watching Jake Gardiner whom I deem the best skater I have seen live. Watching Lupul force the play to the opposition's net, and JVR's beautifully simple around the net flip shots. The overpriced beer and long lineups are all part of the experience. I just want to think back to that, as I don't believe the Leafs will be back to that excitement for a while. I want to see a team that puts the effort in, like they have in spurts of recent memory. I am sick of analyzing and listening and reading. I want to get back to the hockey. I don't want to count down to the days before the draft. Until the Leafs get back into that potential of success, I'll stay home and catch the highlights. I'll watch the NHL playoffs. I'll go to OHL hockey games. I'll play in my weekly beer league, and pick up some shinny at the local arena. I promise not to analyze anymore, and leave the building of the team to the guys making the money. At least for the rest of this week... rnrn
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I cant get paragraphs to work on this thing either!
March 14, 2015 11:21 PM ET
I think the leafs should trade Kadri, Phaneuf for RNN and Prospect or a mid round pick. i say this a leaf fan
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