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What to do at the draft.

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If the draft was to start right now, we'd be pick 5th. Nashville and Carolina are two points back of Edmonton with 39. And our next 4 games aren't easy. We play: Anahiem, which we've only managed to score 2 goals in 2 games this years. Chicago, who has the best record in the league, but the last 2 games at home we've won by more then 8, Minnesota, away, who we've beat once at Xcel, and Vancouver, divison champs. So we will likely got 1 and 3, or 0 and 4. That will push us down a lot in the overall standings, So around 3 to 7 for a pick. We also need a goalie, so hopefully we trade for our first round pick, or a player for Malcom Subban or Petr Marazek. Eventually we could sign some vetreans for our playoff run next year. We should also trade:

Hemsky, Whitney. Not sure for who, probably for Lucic, so we can help Lander's potential.
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