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Oilers win 6-1.

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After like 13 years playing at Xcel Energy Center, Oilers finally won their first game there, 6-1. Yak had a big night so did Eberle and Hall. Potter, even a trade bait player had 2 goals. Now this last game versus Vancouver, as well as Minnesota vs Edmonton was just for pride, also bumping us in the standings. Which is bad for the draft. We'd pick 7th right now we'd pick Elias Lindholm, a Center. But what we need to focus on is DEFENSE. We have the scorers, scoring is not the issue in Edmonton. It really is the defense and Dubynk. Much respect to Dubynk, he stands on his head half the time, but he is not consistent enough. There is a goalie, named Zach Fucale. He led his team to the QMJHL finals. He'd be picked 25th overall. Maybe we can pick Nurse at 7th, and then get Fucale later in the draft, giving up Hemsky.

But all in all, we may as well just wait for the draft to come around.

P.S thank you to Eklund for letting me have my blog on the Oilers page, really do appreciate it.
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