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Oilers end the season.

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Wow. All I can say is wow. If we played like that all season, we easily would've made the playoffs. But no reason to stress, we have four Canadian teams in the playoffs, hopefully Montreal wins. But anyway, this season may of sucked because we didn't make the playoffs, but other stats were good.

Out of our four Northwest Division rivals, we won 3 series out of four. Vancouver, Calgary, and Colorado. We went 2-2 with Calgary, but we scored more goals, giving us the wins.

We only let in 1 short handed goal, I actually thought we didn't, but looking at NHL.com, it says 1.

Our penalty kill percentage was 7th this year, a huge improvement from last year.

Our Power play was 9th, not an improvement but still in the top ten.

Overall our season was bad, but with some bright spots, like Yakupov tying Huberdeau's rookie scoring lead.

We also pick 7th, with a 4.7 chance of getting a 1st. Anything is possible. But like I said. Get Nurse and trade Hemsky to get Fucale.
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