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Oilers this Free Agency.

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The Free Agency was today, and boy, was it fast and furious will all the signings. Let’s see what the Oilers did this July 1st.

Oilers signed Mark Fayne and Benoit Pouliot very early in the morning, one of the first signings in the morning and would also add Keith Aulie.

Benoit Pouliot:
Oilers signed Benoit Pouliot early Tuesday morning at 5 years, 4 million per. He is what the Oilers need in terms of grit, a big 3rd line Left Wing. He is 27 year old, and at 6’3, 200lbs, Pouliot can go in the gritty areas. He can also score, as he showed this season in the regular season and the playoffs. Pouliot’s best season was with the Rangers this past season. He attained 15-21-36 in 80 games; and 5-5-10 in the playoffs (25 games).

I honestly don’t know about this signing… It’s a high risk/high reward type signing. Pouliot can contribute offensively but he has been quite inconsistent in his career. Defensively he is quite decent, only having a minus season once, (-1 when playing for Minnesota in 2007-08.) The four million dollar paycheck may be the worst move by the Oilers this season or the best; all depends on what Pouliot does.

Mark Fayne:

Oilers also signed Mark Fayne at the same time as Pouliot. Fayne, who is also 27 years old, stands at 6’3; 215lb. Fayne brings more leadership to the defensive end of Edmonton. Fayne is also a lot more defensive in contrast to his offense, which is why MacTavish had picked him up at 3.5 Million a year for 4 years. Fayne’s best season was the 2011-2012 season, where he had put up 4-14-17, playing all 82 games. Fayne’s total Plus/Minus in the NHL is a decent +9.

I like this signing a lot; Fayne shoots Right Handed but can move the puck extremely effectively. Oilers also get a very good defensive minded defenseman. He may not be able many points but that’s not all that matters in hockey. Great signing!

Keith Aulie:

Keith Aulie has never been much of a producer. Aulie is 25 years old and stands at a whopping 6’6, 228lb is a lot more physical than any play on the Edmonton blue line. His career high is 2-5-7 in 2012-13 (lockout season). That season Aulie also registered 60 penalty minutes.

I don’t know how to feel about this signing… Aulie is more of a checking defenseman, and if you miss your check you’re out of position which also leads to goals. I feel I am more against this signing than with it.
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July 1, 2014 8:44 PM ET | Delete
Not the worst blog I ever read. Not very informative though. And yes, that Ruttager fellow can sure be a knob .
July 3, 2014 3:32 PM ET | Delete
I thought it was good.
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