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Great insight on it, it's going to be a great game to say the least. Expect guys like Nolan, Sarich, and Conroy to stand out tonight. They're the guys who can stick to a Red Wing like glue and keep the forecheck energized.

I attended the Nashville game a couple days ago and I wasn't satisfied with the play of both Nashville and the Flames. Both teams didnt bring any sort of "A" game.

Another disappointment was the terrible referee work of McMgough. Not only did he miss important calls, he also managed to squelch any of Nashville's hopes for a comeback with untimely penalties and what could be refered to as "Mail order penalties," where the foul happens and a different player is penalized as a make up call several minutes later.

Nashville fans: Please stick with it. New owner or not, your team will be a contender again soon.

Tonight will be a much higher tempo game with the presence of the two top scorers in the league. If Detroit is able to break the Flames' two man forecheck, they will get away with two points. The Flames are a talented team but they can't hold a candle to the finese on the Red Wings.

Mark my words, if the Flames don't outskate the Wings and keep the forecheck steady, they'll lose the game before the first period ends.

All that said, lets look at this from a different point of view; Both teams are red hot and tonight's game is bound to be a great one to watch. Win or lose, good luck to both teams and hopefully fans from both teams will enjoy it.
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