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Don't look now but the Toronto Maple leafs are on a six game winning streak, and they have won six of their last 10 games. But doesn't this feel like the leafs from the beginning of the season? The leafs got out shot again yet they still won. That being said, the leafs have drastically improved since their struggles before this streak, but you got to ask is this leaf team bound to collapse again or did they learn their lesson?

I'm going to tell you why they did learn their lesson. First more often than not over this stretch, the leafs had not had nearly as much problems moving the puck in transition and getting out of their zone. Now I'm not saying that the leafs are the best team in the NHL and now that they learned their lesson they will win the Stanley cup, but they have definitely improved. Also their top scorers are finally starting to score against. I will say it over and over again when your defense is struggling your offence has to carry the load. This means scoring goals becomes significantly more important because the defense is having problems keeping them out of their own net. The leafs top line has been on fire of late and they will need that to continue if they want to have any chance of getting to the playoffs.

If the leafs keep this up they may not win the cup but they can definitely surprise several teams. Especially if Bernier and Riemer continue to play amazing.

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