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I was just in Riverton Manitoba home of the "Riverton Rifle" (Reggie Leetch) He puts on an annual hockey tournament for the kids and has a huge auction of hockey memrabelia and raises money for the hockey rink in Riverton. This year he brought a dear friend of his (Lord Stanley). I got my picture taken with the cup and Leetch and examined it closely. I noticed that the next ring to come off the cup is the one that has the Leafs last Stanley cup victory on it. I thought that might hit home to a lot of leaf fans on how long it has been. We were also told a story on how in 91 when the penguins won the cup Mario had a big party at his place with all the guys from the team. He has a big water fall that flows into his pool and apparently Jamie Leetch and all of his teammates were jumping off the water fall cliff into the pool with the cup. After everyone passed out the woke up in the morning and that cup was broken in two pieces sitting sunk at the bottom of the pool. The next day they did the parade to show off the cup. They all had to hold the cup along the side and could not put there hand along the edge where the cup is to hoist it because it would fall apart. Just something funny that Jamie told the crowd.
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January 20, 2008 11:09 AM ET | Delete
Great Cup story. Not that I am anxious to have the Leafs win again any time soon, but it will be sad to have the Leafs removed.
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