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All I have to say is that I pray to god that Peddie keeps his nose out of the hiring process. We all know the guy has no clue what to look for in a GM. His Hockey sence is 0%. I do not understand for the life of me why the board puts this guy incharge of Hockey operations. He was lip sinking Fletchers words like he was some kind of puppet or something. Just when I think the guy cant F**K up any more he goes on national TV lip sinking the speach that he wrote for his new interm GM. I dont care if Cliff came off a flight from Antarctica he is capable of doing his own speach. This was totaly pushed by Peddie so he would say the right things to make him and his board look good to the public. I dont care about Peddies buisness savy. We all know that any monkey can sell out the Air Canada Center. The Fan base in MPO is so Loyal to this franchise that they will sell the place out even if the team is a dud. Peddie has to stay clear from the day to day hockey operations and stick to what he does best, book work and crunching numbers because he clearly has no hockey savy at all. Im so sick of seeing this guyss face on the TV. He reminds me of Richard Simmons with his annoying voice.
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January 24, 2008 4:37 PM ET | Delete
"any monkey can sell out the ACC." Thats gold.
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