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Is it time to push the panic button??? Part 2

Ok, I m back. Guess I underestimate you guys and though nobody would read it.

Coaching staff

Not a lot to say about them. Craig Hartsburg has not been exceptional but as not been bad either. I like the fact that he shuffle his lines in the first 20 games that ways he looks at every possible option but I d like to see him try for a couple of game to see Heatley play on an other line. Since he came to Ottawa, Heatly never played a game without both Spezza and Alfredsson. I wonder what he would be able to do with a guy like Fisher. On the other end, I think Alfredsson should keep playing with Spezza to force Spezza to elevate his play every game. We must give some credit to Hartsburg for their defensive which is a lot better. The penality kill is one of the best in the league and the goals against dropped considerably.


Even tough this guy as a plan for the team and knows who are the key player he needs to build up a contender team, Bryan Murray finds himself in a trap. Let me explain myself. Murray says openly that he s searching for a puck moving defenseman who would be able to take top 4 d-man minutes and I think he is right about it. Senator’s offense would be better on the powerplay and develop to their full potential. The problem is, Murray is pressured by the teams owner to fix the club quickly. Just think about last year when Murray traded Corvo and Eaves for Stillman and Commodore(2 guys under contract for 2 ufa, no sense). Melnyk wants a winning team and he wants it now. I even think that to a point, Murray may have to fire another coach again to save his job. Not long ago, there was rumours that Melnyk was interested in Brian Burke. I was reading in a french newspaper this morning that both Murray and Hartsburg were cofident that the offense will produce but does Melnyk thinks the same? Thats the real problem in Ottawa.


I also beleive the offense is going to produce soon even more with their play lately. I agree with Murray that we need a puck moving defenseman but my problem is: What do we give for? I have no problem in giving young players and/or prospects and/or draft picks but for these you usualy get UFA and to sacrifice the teams future for half a season is not the best solution in my opinion. To get players with contracts you got to give some with contracts. Many times people talks about Vermette which could not but bad but, he is getting so many chances lately that its only a question of time before it all starts going on again for him and it would really frustrates me to see him doing it elsewhere. What could we get for Kelly?

I ll be back tonight with my comments on yesterdays game against Atlanta and probably tomorrow about the rumours and the Saturdays game against Pittsburg.

Keep leaving me my comments its great to know your opinions and sorry for my spelling errors Im working on it

Neil Lapointe
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