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Next Season poses some difficult choices to be made in Nuck land and I blame Gillis for this monumental blunder. In the cap world he signed Luongo to that albatross of a contract that he tries to say is equatable or an asset, in what parallel universe?

Not only will they have to just let Luongo go they may have to take a bad contract back with fewer years but they will have to do a compliance buyout of some sort for this psuedo asset. Let me explain The Nucks are almost at the cap ceiling now for next year with 12 players still to be signed their goalies and the Sedins make up for 35% of the entire payroll of the Nucks in 2014. So either you move a whole bunch of your core players who make up more than half your cap or you move the Sedins and Luongo for draft picks and futures at best.

What a debacle good young players could have been acquired this year for some of there expensive pieces and a solid backup could have been acquired for Luongo ensuring a continuance of success. Now the Nucks are poised to get nothing for Luongo 2 compliance buyouts and 1 more that'll be a cap hit and that probably wont be enough to be under the cap with their current unsigned players. Remember as they stand now they are at over 60 million for next year and have 5 million to spend on 12 players who have to get paid under the League minimum to make the math work. So Nuck fans your in for a very rough ride come draft day a lot of pieces are going to be on a fire sale.

The Leafs who are going to be very close to the cap next year with Kadri and Bozak eating up the 10 million they'll have to play with as such they won't have room as they did this year to acquire Luongo in other words now it's going to be the Nucks acquiring Grabovski's contract which has less of a cost for buyout than Luongo's but it'll save the Nucks over 10 million on a buyout in other words Luongo for nothing. Secondly up to 5 roster players who make around 4 million will have to be moved for draft picks and at least two bad contracts with less of an annual hit and/or less punitive buyout.
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Where have I heard this before?
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Um ok did u forget that each team has 2 compliance buyouts starting July,5th this means that booth 4 mil and Ballard 4 mil will come of the books without it being registered on the cap. And gillis has stated that this will be the summer luongo will be dealt for the benefit of himself and the team. Every good team is going to have this problem of cutting 6-8 mil from payroll we will find cheap players to fill in.
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I agree with 60 million already on the books and they can only buyout two without any penalty who in their right mind would trade with these guys they are in trouble without a doubt they have the worst cap numbers in the NHL going into the off season. I did hear this on The Fan 590 before.
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Why would the Leafs bother? First they have two compliance buyouts and dont need to add Luongo and that albatross contract at all. Leafs are in a far better cap position and can easily trade Grabo since the market for centers is as usual thin. Hate to tell ya, he is all yours!
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Your an idiot plan and simple. Any team that spends to the max of the cap will be buying out players as no GM could predict the new cap when signing players 4 or 5 years ago. They can make trades or buyouts and will end up with enough cap space to add free agents this summer and will once again be a cup contender.If you want to write negative crap do it for your own team cus unless your a kings fan your words are meaningless.If your looking for rope to hang yourself well you just did it. You are now known as the most unintelligent person on this site... GOOD JOB!
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