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As a long time Oilers fan in the heart of Leaf country thanks to that great team with Messier and Gretzky I am thinking that the next 18 months are crucial for a long lasting team core. Let me explain right now there is a great coach available who thrives on coaching in smaller markets with younger players and that coach is Lindy Ruff and he would fit right in given he's going to be Team Canada coach this year and he'll be coaching some of the very Oilers who would fall under him should he become coach.

Secondly given what the salary cap will do in the next 24 months it is my opinion that Ryan Miller and a draft pick could be had for one of your top forwards I know that sounds harsh but you run the risk of being pushed to the cap ceiling and trading him away for nothing.

My third point with guys like Mike Komisarek probably being bought out and being signed for 1 million or so his size and toughness on the back end is what this team badly needs as well Colton Orr will become a UFA again at 1 mill per he could be signed for 2 years and then you have accountability to guys messing with your star players.

Tambalini stockpiled a lot of depth but the talent may be too expensive to keep make some wise moves now so that play-offs are regular annual events with $$$$ coming in to creat financial stability.
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