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Moves at the trade deadline are always hard to evaluate. Most think that Nashville got fleeced with the Forsberg trade. And Ryan Smyth to the Island may have been the missing piece that vaulted them into the playoffs. And where was John Ferguson? Prying Yannic Perreault from Pheonix. I just don't get it. The thing the Leafs was missing was heart. Looking down the stretch, they played some pretty great games (and some partial games) but mailed in efforts to NYI and NYR. There are only two people I can think of that could have got the Leafs in (besides Marty Brodeur!) - Ryan Smyth, but he was taken, and Gary Roberts.

Have you seen Roberts playing lately. He's a madman! And considering he really didn't want to go to Pittsburgh, he almost got them a division title. Their power-play was smoking with him on it, he was beating up kids half his age, and teaching the Pens kids that this is what it takes to win. No one on the Leafs (sorry Darcy) could fill that role. And I bet that Mats Sundin was playing hurt for the last 2 weeks. I really believe that Roberts would have been able to put the Leafs on his back and carry them through the last part of the season. And JFJ is likely going to play for it (cross your fingers)....and if he doesn't, Leaf Nation will pay for it (again) next season.

I am taking the Pens in 6 over Ottawa. This has gotta be the Sens worse nightmare playing against Roberts. He'll have a psychological advantage over the entire team. Why do you think they wanted him so bad? They didn't want to play against him!
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I still contend that one of the biggest problems the Leafs have is Mats Sundin. Why he is so revered by my friends to the north I have no idea. He gobbles up a ton of cap space (and how much more next year?) and really does nothing - in my mind. Put 20 Tuckers on one team and 20 Sundins on another and which team would win - the Tuckers more often than not. Oh, and a better goalie would help. I don't think Yanic Perreault of Gary Roberts or any of the other FAs would have made a big difference with that goalie.
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Roberts would have been a huge addition to the Leafs, but I'm glad JFJ wasn't willing to part with a 1st rd pick for him. I'm cheering for Pittsburgh because of Gary Roberts, I can't stand Crosby's whining and diving, but I absolutely love Roberts.GO PENS GO!
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Hey - Roberts waived his no-trade clause to come exclusively to Pittsburgh. I know its hard to concieve that he didnt want to come to Toronto, but its true. Check your facts.
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i'm loving having roberts on our team, the old man never quits, its amazing.
April 14, 2007 9:27 PM ET | Delete
Don't take the comment that he didn't want to go to Pittsburgh as a slight - it wasn't his first choice. The Leafs were handcuffed by Roberts request to come to TO. The Panthers brass knew that and the price was set higher than what the Leafs wanted to part with. It took quite a bit of convincing to Roberts to go to Pittsburgh. And I am not convinced he'll be there next season but I believe he will be the difference in the Playoffs...2 points today vs Ottawa!
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