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Sundin Rumors Update

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So far I've heard a few rumors as to the possible return on Sundin to Montreal.
Hard to say that any of these carry more weight than any other, if they carry much weight at all. Considering that these rumors have been posted, printed or verbalized by hockey media types - and that Sundin remains in Europe on vacation, they may be as much hearsay or speculation as anything.

(1) Chris Higgins - been mentioned a few times, mainly going back to stories that he was part of a package offered for Sundin at the trade deadline. A few reports mention the idea that to offer Sundin the $8 to $8.5 million per year that would be expected as the fair market value as a free agent, Gainey will want to clear about $2 million in salary from the remaining roster.

(2) Grabovsky with a second round pick if Sundin signs, a Third rounder if Sundin goes to Free Agency or retires.
A young centerman who might be a good fit to play with other young Leafs in another season. The idea that he'd likely be a year away would give Fletcher time to make room for him with other trades. The thing that might make this unlikely though is Fletcher's penchant for size - though with the Leaf's picking BIG this draft, he might have plenty of muscle on his wings in a year or two.

(3) Montreal's first round pick in 2009 if Sundin signs by July 1 -a lesser pick if he doesn't - 3rd or 4th or 5th rounder. This would make sense if the Leafs were looking to gamble on a long-term lottery ticket and the Habs were determined to go for broke this year.

(4) This one was speculation, but stated that with Mats looking at getting married, he might pull a Teemu Selanne and sit out until November to better consider his options. Given that this would give Mats the most control over his own destiny, without and backlash from Toronto fans ( he still owns a home there) and would both give him an extended honeymoon and his body time to heal for an anticipated 2 year contract (one and a half seasons) to close out his career. It would handcuff Fletcher as Sundin would be a free agent, but leave the door open for a return if Mats chooses. It would also allow for a good look at which team might be the best fit for Mats to join for a cup run.
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