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What The Habs Need

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The Canadiens will have another strong season next year. The team has excellent youngsters to guide the way for the next 7 or so seasons. Gallys, subban, price, pacioretty, Emelin are what I consider the core. Plekanec, Gorges, Markov, and Prust are middle core and should be around for the next 5 years to help the team win. Gionta, Moen, Bourque can be dealt at anytime but all have different qualities to make the team successful next season.rnWhat the Habs need is a veteran forward and possibly another veteran d (too bad streit will likely sign in philly). The forward crop for this years UFA class is not bad, a lot of character. The defense is weak and streit was the only one who I found worthy. Hearing Eklund say Iggy is intrigued by the habs interest is glamorous, and really hope Bergevin can convince him, with the pens giving geno a cap hit of 9.5 mil it looks like iggy will take to the market unless he wants to play for 3 mil a season with crosby. So lets look out there and see whats available throguh UFA, because we don't want to give up any pieces or prospects, Bergevin is looking to build a team that will excel for years. The team is fine down the middle, I feel a proven veteran winger will give the habs that experience to go the extra mile.rnAs much I like Horton and the way he's played for the past 2 months, he's injury prone and will likely get 5.5 per, high risk. Clarkson will get massively overpaid, they guy is worth 4 mil at most, high risk. Morrow would be a great leader and could give space and depth to the habs lineup with most importantly leadership, around the 3 mil range would be worthy, he does get hurt but always puts in 100% effort. Clowe would be a great addition but I see the Rangers making a good offer, Clowe will get around 4.5, still injury prone, but on a 3-year the the risk is worth it. The last veteran forward worthy is Jagr. The Habs have been after since his return to the NHL. What this guy can do to the Habs on and off ice for one season would be off great benefit, give him 4 mil and lets go. Longshot signings would go to buyout players. The most intriguing to me is Joni Pitkanen. The Canes are up against the cap and have good prospect d that are ready and less expensive. Joni has had injury problems but on a habs blueline they could manage his minutes well and take Bouillion off the 2nd pp unit and put him as 7th on the depth chart. This move could really solidfy the habs defense and let Tinordi and Nathan B get the proper development they need with the Bulldogs and ofcourse the odd call-up to judge where they stand. Given the money Joni would get from the buyout, he might settle for a modest 3 mil per for 2 seasons. Again at 3 mil you lower your risk for talent that can be high reward. If hab fans are lucky we will get Iggy and Pitkanen, which will put the Canadiens into a contender.rnThis summer will be exciting with the cap going down and a stronger draft than most years. It will be hard for Eklund to keep up with the rumors as I feel a lot of movement will happen.
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Montreal canadian should trade Beaulieu(or Weber) and Moen low draft pick vs Matt Martin and Joe Finley (NY-islandes)
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