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"In Shero(?) We Trust"
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Although you can still count the number of games played for each team on your hands, I thought I'd give my two cents in what I think will happen in the long run. <br /><br /> The Stanley Cup Finals will be the San Jose Sharks vs. Detroit Red Wings in which SJ wins in 6. (To those that might remember a different prediction on a Toronto blog thread, I rethought it.)<br /><br /> Why the Sharks? Because they have no holes at all. With the additions of Hertl, who I think is the real deal, and Thornton to the new team, the Sharks will now become the team that wins instead of the one that makes the playoffs and nothing more. Niemi will win the Vezina. <br /><br /> Why the Wings?: Why not the Wings? The Eastern Conference is completely up for grabs. Islanders are still inexperienced, Penguins may fold like they did last year between the pipes, Bruins are worse without Seguin, even with who they got in return (in my opinion) and then you have the Red Wings. You have Datsyuk and Zetterburg, now with Weiss and Alfie. This team has, like the sharks, no holes.<br /><br />Those are my predictions. Fire away.
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