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There were no surprises out of San Jose today as the Sharks stood quietly on the sidelines as the trade market disintegrated around the league.

There were several big name players sent packing today, with most garnering a laughable return. I can't remember the last time this many quality players were dealt at the deadline for as little of a return as teams received. The market that was rumored to be out there for big names like Vanek, Gaborik and Moulson was virtually invisible as GM's around the league failed to cash in like previous years.

San Jose's only deal of the day rolled in as the last deal of the season, and here it is:

To San Jose:

Conditional 7th Rd Pick in 2016

To Los Angeles:

F James Livingston

I'll be honest, I had to head over to hockeydb.com to find out who, exactly, this Livingston character was.

Livingston was drafted 70th overall by the St Louis Blues in the 2008 NHL Draft. Following his selection he continued to play out his junior career in the OHL until he maxed out the age limit. The Sharks picked him up as a free agent after he was cast aside by the Blues and he played three seasons in Worcester.

I have no idea why this deal was done, but it's irrelevant regardless.

After seeing the return that teams were getting for big name players it makes me warm and fuzzy inside that the Sharks didn't do a single thing, other than the Livingston blockbuster that is. Absolute garbage is what teams got for star players like Vanek and Gaborik. Absolute garbage.

The only thing that I took away from today's deadline is that I should send a resume to Columbus and New York (Islanders) to apply for the General Manager position, because apparently the only prerequisites are that you have a pulse and can speak.

We can now all move on to the playoff race. Thanks for reading.
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