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The Habs are pressing the PANIC BUTTON - Price on the bench tonight.

Guy Carbonneau is really trying to get into the Flyers heads. After game 2 it was "Timonen deserved to get sucker punched for taunting" and now after game 3 he won't say who is in goal for game 4. I think that this game is really ineffective since the the trade of Huet to Washington. Price is the guy. If they pull him now, they might lose him next season too. He is young and they have to live with the outcome of dealing the veteran away at the trade deadline. Bob Gainey was right, Price is the future and this experience will go along way in building his legacy. Just like Fleury in Pittsburgh. Last year he was vulnerable, not this time though.

By the way, I am still searching for a video of Kimmo taunting the Montreal players after Umberger's goal to put away Game 2. Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

Welcome Back
The return of the immovable object will help the Flyers powerplay. Knuble is amazing to watch while the Timonen, Richards, Briere and Prospal work the puck around. Knuble just stands his grounds and collects the garbage.

I am looking for Danny and Vinny to get things going tonight. The duo has not done much in the series so far and will be hungry to get on the scoreboard tonight. Boy it is so nice to have 3 really balanced lines. Nobody has to feel the pressure to produce since there are 10 guys that up front that can.

I just hope that the officiating tonight is not the lead story. Overall for calls in this series they have been collectively HORRIBLE! Listen fellas, don't look at the color of the sweater, the name on the back, just call the damn game as you see it. Don't think about the situation, just call the game! The part of the discretion used by officials is the SWALLOW THE WHISTLE technique, where hooks, holds, trips, etc are allowed so that "the players can decide things". So they can decide things illegally? Doesn't seem right. Then with 3 minutes to go a player will flip the puck off the glass, but it jumps right over the glass. Delay of game - and now since you didn't call the holding, hooking, tripping, etc earlier - you let an automatic and dumb rule decide the game. Call it straight up for 60 minutes and beyond!

Go Flyers - and fans at the rink - show respect - let the Habs fans walk around - don't say a word to them. Act like they are invisible!
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April 30, 2008 11:14 AM ET | Delete
Carbonneau is an idiot. He can try to mess with their heads all he wants but after that "he deserved it" line I don't think the Flyers have any interest in what he has to say. You're right. Price is their guy. What are they gonna play the back up rookie? That doens't make sense. You put your faith in this guy. He played well up until this point. Who's saying that he won't be better tonight?I am pumped for Knuble's return. I really appreciate him saying he's 100% and that he wouldn't come back unless he was b/c i don't think that everyone who returned this season was (*cough Hatcher cough*). Yes it's gallant to come back and help your etam as soon as you feel better but if you're not at your top game playing level then you should sit it out until you are b/c there are plenty of capable guys. I'm really impressed with him and I think you're right that (if we get a power play) he will be a big boost.I think you put him back on his original line? Do you think Steven's will do it?
April 30, 2008 11:19 AM ET | Delete
Knuble will get his minutes with PP and PK time too. But Umberger, Upshall and Carter are too hot to split up. Stevens can always put him with Richards and Lupul, drop Thoresen to the 4th line with Dowd and Sami.
April 30, 2008 3:53 PM ET | Delete
or sit Thor and keep Downie in.
April 30, 2008 6:11 PM ET | Delete
Carbonneau continues to try to get into your heads by starting Halak tonight! He's insane. It might just work.
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