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I lost some steam in this round. After going 7-1 (only missing the Stars over Ducks) I set off to predict round 2. Well 2 series are complete in round 2. The Red Wings made me look bad. Not sure when the Avs got so banged up, but the Wings not only beat them, but they humiliated them. These games were blowouts and not even fun to watch. I would venture to guess that even diehard Wings fans are happy they won easily, but would admit that the games didn't feel like playoff games. The intensity was missing the last half of virtually every game.

I got the Flyers over Habs correct. The Flyers just looked like a team that has lightning in the bottle and would be playing for a while longer at the beginning of the 2nd round. The Habs also were relying too heavily on a rookie goalie. Not just a rookie, but a 20 year old rookie. I think the pressure finally overwhelmed him. Not a knock on the kid. He will be around for quite a while as long as whatever happened to his glove hand was the result of an injury. If not, NHLers will exploit that weak hand and drive him from the league, ala Jim Carey. The depth of the Flyers is impressive. They are boasting a solid group of 12 forwards now and have a couple of prize youngsters waiting to join the team in Downey and Claude Giroux. Giroux could be with the team by the start of the ECF as his team is poised to win the Quebec League Championship (up 2 games to none). He will most likely join the Phantoms for their playoff run or could be with the Flyers for some first hand experience.

I have the Pens eliminating the Rangers. That will likely happen today. The Rangers used alot of bullets to win the last game. Not sure how much steam they have left in their group of solid veterans up front. I think Crosby will go nuts today and lead the Pens in a rout/elimination of the Rangers. I said it last summer, the Rangers should have let Chris Dreury sign elsewhere and added more solid defensemen. I LOVE Dreury's game, but they already had so many forwards that he has been on the 3rd line most of the year and that is alot of money for a 3rd line center.

I also have the Sharks beating the Stars. Looked really bad early, still looks bad now. The Stars have been really good. They have quite a crop of defensemen and Morrow is out of his mind right now. He is really carrying this team. Also the pickup of Brad Richards has proven to be as good as advertised. I am pulling for the Sharks tonight only because nothing I love more than a game 7 and this will be the only chance in this round to get to game 7.

3-1 would be respectable, but 2-2 just shows my east coast bias. With the games on so late out west, I don't get to watch many games. I have to be in work early and must rely on just highlights to follow the western teams most nights.
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Colorado has been banged up all year, and Theodore was due to crumble. Still, I don't think anyone expected an 8-2 collapse in game 4.
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